John J. Mearsheimer, Ph.D., R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at The University of Chicago

“Our relationship with Israel is one of the main reasons we have a terrorist problem in the United States. And the Israel Lobby does not want that message to get out to the American people.”

Robert Fisk, Ph.D., Foreign Correspondent, The Independent, UK

“‘The ‘wall‘ becomes the ‘fence‘ or the ‘barrier‘, the ‘occupation zone’ becomes the ‘security zone’, the ‘occupied territories’ becomes the ‘disputed territories’, ‘settlements‘ become ‘neighborhoods‘ … And so, we make the Middle East unintelligible for people who don’t live there or visit there.”

Melani McAlister, Ph.D., Associate Professor of American Studies and International Affairs, George Washington University

“American Evangelical Christians were taken by the idea that the founding of Israel (would lead) to the Second Coming of Jesus. In every case, it was said that ‘those who oppose Israel are acting against the forces of goodness in the world; they are evil.‘”

Gore Vidal, Author and historian

“The idea that darkness of skin is supposed to represent darkness of soul, and character, has been an Anglo Saxon hang-up for a long time.”

Anthony Shadid, Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent for the New York Times

“Why isn’t there a more fundamental debate about the Israeli/Palestinian confict. I don’t know. I ask myself the same question and … I don’t know.”

Tony Shalhoub, Actor/TV Star

After playing a role as a terrorist on The Equalizer. “I played a sort of, well dressed, dapper terrorist. It was a lot of running around, shooting off Uzis and screaming at people. Having done it once was plenty, more than enough.”

Niall Ferguson, Ph.D., Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University and Senior Research Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford University

“American’s tend to see Israel as being kind of an American Mini-Me: the colonial settlers with their democratic politics, up against a kind of generic red Indian known as the Arabs.”

Alan Sharp, Hollywood Writer

“We only come to information through an editing process. So it’s not really possible to argue about, ‘Oh well, remember when you assisted Saddam Hussein and maybe even encouraged him?’ Well, it’s as if, ‘Ah, well, that was, that’s like old news. And we don’t deal with old news. We only deal with new news, you know. And we’ll tell you what the new news is, and then you’ll know how to deal with it.”

Rabbi Yisroel Weiss, Neturei Karta

“(The Zionists) decided to go to the Land of Palestine, and there was a technicality because there were Palestinian people living there! So they came up with this mantra that ‘It’s a Land without a People, for a People Without a Land‘ which was totally false.”

Diana Abu Jaber, Novelist

“I was wathing the news, and Walter Cronkite said ‘Jerusalem has been liberated”, and I’m wondering ‘liberated from whom?‘”

Jack Shaheen, Ph.D., Author Media Critic

Exodus was the most brilliant piece of propaganda to come out of post World War II. It was commissioned by a PR agent to get support for the state of Israel.”

Stephen Rohde, First Amendment Attorney, Writer, Activist

“But what happens with stereotyping is, then we extract the evil that some do, and apply it to an entire race or ethnic group. Then we have a self-fulling prophesy…”

Albert Mokhiber, Esq.

In reference to Disney’s Aladdin “Sure enough, unfortunately the lyrics were there, where they had referred to the Arabs as ‘barbaric’. And when you start drumming that into the kids, the kids are going to grow up thinking ‘Arabs are barbaric.’ “

Maz Jobrani, Comedian

From his comedy monologue: “I gotta worry about al-Qaeda, and about being profiled as al-Qaeda! I was at the airport a little while ago, I had a beard going, doing a play, and you don’t wanna be from the Middle East and have a beard going at the airport; it’s just not a good idea, you know what I’m saying?”

Aron Kader, Comedian

People ask me “What are you .. Greek, Italian, Jewish ?”
“Pakistillian? What’s a Pakistillian ? Where’s Pakistillia ?”

“We don’t have a country”

Ahmed Ahmed, Actor/Comedian

When offered another role as terrorist “I said thanks but no thanks. All right? Every time I take a part like this, it’s like feeding the beast. It’s just perpetuating the stereotype. It’s like putting fuel in the flame, no way… Then they said ‘It’s $30,000 for 3 weeks of work…’ “